Company History

DCS was founded in 1890 under the name Ricketson Mineral Color Works.  At that time, Ricketson’s iron oxide pigments were used mostly for barn paint and snow fence preservative.  In 1950, Ricketson was sold to their plant manager who continued operations until the company became unprofitable and eventually filed for bankruptcy in 1965.

At the time of the bankruptcy, Ricketson’s largest customer was Delta Oil Products, a large Milwaukee-based foundry supply company.  Foundries had found that when they added natural red or black iron oxides to sand cores and molds, there was a dramatic reduction in costly imperfections.  Not wanting to lose one of its’ largest suppliers, Delta Oil Products negotiated a settlement with Ricketson’s creditors and purchased the company out of bankruptcy in the late 1960’s and re-named it Delta Color & Supply Co.

As intended by Delta Oil Products, the company continued to offer natural iron oxides as a method for reducing imperfections in the foundry industry.  Throughout it’s history, Ricketson’s had also sold iron oxides into the masonry industry.    This part of the business continued and the Company’s focus ultimately shifted to supplying pigments to all segments of the concrete and masonry industry  In 1976, James F. Crawford Sr., one of the owners of Delta Oil Products, purchased the color division of Delta and renamed it DCS Color & Supply Co., Inc.

By the time that Jim Crawford Sr. bought the company, his son Jim was already working in the plant while attending college.  Upon graduation in 1980, Jim joined the company on a full time basis and assumed the role of Plant Manager.  At the retirement of the company’s existing vice president in the fall of 1980, Jim took over all day-to-day operations of the company.  In 1984, Cathy Higgins, Jim Sr.’s only daughter, joined DCS and worked with her father in the sales and marketing area.  In 1990, Jim Sr. decided to step down and Jim was promoted to President; the position he still holds today.  Jim Sr. eventually retired in 1994 and, in 1995, Jim and Cathy renamed the Company Dynamic Color Solutions, Inc.

In the 1990’s DCS added an industry segment to their focus:  architectural precast.  Today DCS is the leading supplier to the architectural precast and cast stone industry and continues to work in all other areas of the masonry and concrete products industry along with foundry and animal feed applications.

In April of 2013, Jim’s son Jimmy joined the company in the role of Vice President of Development, marking the beginning of DCS’s transition to the next generation.

Leadership Team

Jim Crawford | President

Jim has been at DCS since 1976 and his major focus has been on the operations side of the business.  Jim has been instrumental in creating the long term vision for DCS and creating structures to implement that.  Jim also designed and built the company’s line of liquid color dispensing equipment; an area that he still focuses on today.

Cathy Higgins | Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Cathy has spent her entire career at DCS, starting in 1984.  She has been the driving force of sales throughout her career.  Cathy has done extensive work with the associations DCS participates in, and focuses on really understanding the business and needs of our customers.


Cindy Nowak | Vice President of Operations

Cindy started at DCS in 1978 working in the office.  Throughout her career, Cindy has worked to install and maintain the processes central to DCS' quality, lab and administrative services.  Today, as Vice President of Operations, Cindy continues to deliver the amazing service our customers have come to expect.


Jimmy Crawford | Vice President of Development

Jimmy joined DCS in April of 2013.  One of his first roles has been handling all of the IT requirements of DCS. Jimmy is also involved in both the sales and manufacturing ends of the business.  Jimmy brings a fresh outside perspective to the leadership team, and is focusing on bringing a new view to all areas of DCS' operations.