The liquid color that our company manufactures is made from dry iron oxide pigments mixed with water and dispersing agents so it does not need to be mixed constantly. Then we add a bactericide in order to prevent mold growth. So, in essence it is exactly the same color that can be used in its dry state. This may lead you to question why anyone would want to use it since this material costs more money. As you will read in the next section, there are several reasons why this additional expense can be a good investment. Advantages include:

Ease of Dispersion & Color Consistency:

Because liquid color is already suspended in water, it will disperse much more easily in your mix. Liquid color takes less time than dry color to achieve complete dispersion, and therefore uniform color in your finished concrete. This is without a doubt the most significant reason to consider switching from dry color to liquid color and a liquid color dispensing system. If your primary focus is improved quality of your finished product, then liquid color is the best method of color addition you can choose.


One of the biggest advantages of liquid color systems is that they allow you to more completely automate your manufacturing process. With a color dispensing system there is no longer a need for someone to break open a bag of color for each batch. The addition can be preset on the dispenser and color will automatically be added to each batch. This automation obviously means that you can lower your labor cost.

Controlled Blending On-Site:

A DCS liquid color dispensing system gives you the opportunity to create your own colors by blending up to 5 base colors and then automatically adding them to your batch. Each of our dispensing systems has the ability to start with base colors and use a stored recipe to create a blended color for the next batch of colored concrete.

Inventory Control:

Directly related to being able to blend your own colors is improved inventory control. You no longer need to order color for each job. With liquid color, you need only stock our 5 base colors. Your inventory, therefore, is reduced, and it is much more manageable. These would be the only colors you would need to inventory and you would use these colors to produce finished color blends for your concrete. This would allow you to start a job as soon as you receive approval, rather than waiting for color to arrive at your plant, and you would have no obsolete inventory at the end of a job.

More Accuracy Than Dry Bulk:

In comparison to bulk dry color, a liquid color system allows you to produce exactly the amount of color you need for each batch, and hence each job. This eliminates the possibility of error in weighing from batch to batch and, therefore, can improve accuracy and consistency in your products. All our liquid color systems also produce a batch ticket report after each cycle of material dispensed, including the target and actual amounts for each color in the batch.

Can be Added Safely and Easily:

In many plants it is either very difficult to get bags of dry color to the mixer, or it is very dangerous to have your personnel working around the mixer while it is running. With a DCS liquid dispensing system and liquid color, you can pump the material to the mixer through permanently installed piping. You also eliminate the need for anyone to work around your mixer while it is in operation.


Cleanliness is not an advantage that should be dismissed lightly. It applies to both storage and use. No long-er will there be an area that is easily identifiable as the color storage area. And no longer will the people in your mixer area look like the color you are manufacturing.


Because DCS manufacturers all of its formulations in both liquid and dry form we fully understand the tremendous advantages offered by liquid color. Please contact us to arrange a visit and design of a custom system for your plant.