Dry Color

A product offered by DCS since 1890, dry pigments are the ideal solution for coloring all concrete and masonry projects.  

DCS Cement Colors and DCS Mortar Colors are all pure mineral pigments that have unlimited shelf life and can be packaged in either 50 pound bags or in batch sized bags as needed.

Liquid Color

Since liquid pigments emerged on the market in the late 1980s, DCS has been a primary supplier to all forms of architectural concrete producers.  DCS liquid pigments are slurries of dry pigment suspended in a water-based medium.  Two primary advantages of using liquid color are the ability to automate pigment addition via dispensing equipment and better dispersion in a concrete mix therefore creating faster color development.

DCS Base Color System

The DCS base color system consists of five iron oxides that are blended together to produce the desired end color.  From this group of five colors, a wide range of concrete colors can be achieved.

The Base Color System allows for fully automated color dispensing using DCS' liquid color line and DCS' proprietary pigment dispensing equipment.

Color Hardener and Release

Dynamicast Color Hardener is a ready to use, dry shake material for coloring, hardening and finishing concrete products.  Dynamicast Color Release is a pigmented water repellant powder material that forms a parting membrane and lubricant between freshly placed concrete and imprinting mats.  Both are ideal solutions for stamped patterned concrete such as concrete floors, walks, driveways and other imprinted concrete as well as stone veneer products.

Foundry Iron Oxides

In addition to pigments for cementitious products DCS offers foundry grade oxides as well, specializing in natural red and black iron oxides.   If you’re struggling with expansion defects including veins, rattails or buckles or if you’re experiencing sub-surface porosity, lustrous carbon deposits or gas defects, contact us and ask about an iron oxide solution specifically for you.

Custom Colored Mortar

Just add sand and water!  That is how simple it is with DCS’ Custom Colored Mortar (CCM).  In a premixed bag containing cement and the appropriate amount of DCS Dry Pigment all you have to do is add water and your fine aggregate, mix the batch and you are ready to go.  DCS offers CCM in 70, 75 or 80 lb. bags in a wide range of colors. 

Laboratory Services

With over 100 years of experience in the construction market, DCS has the most experienced and knowledgeable laboratory in the industry.  Whether you have a technical question about the product, need a color matched for a job you’re bidding or would like to have one of our sample ring sets free of charge; give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.