From the lightest cream colors, to intense reds and browns we have just the right pigment for your projects.  And if we haven’t created it yet, we will create a new one just for you.

Dynamic Color Solutions manufactures over 4,000 unique blends of pigments to meet all your concrete coloring needs.  We are experts at creating blends to ensure tremendous consistency and easy repeatability.  We know that it is our job to make it as easy as possible for our customers to create consistent colored concrete. 

All of our dry color formulations are available in a wide variety of packaging options including:

  • Standard 50 lb. bags
  • Batch size bags, so there is no weighing necessary.
  • Soluble film bags – up to 15 pounds to be added directly to your mix.
  • Mortar color packaged in cases, drums or pallet boxes.
  • Private labeling options