Equipment Information

All DCS Dispensers are designed with two basic components: a pump rack and a weigh vessel.  The pump rack, featuring either diaphragm or peristaltic pumps, moves material from storage containers to the weigh vessel.  The weigh vessel then weighs the proper amount of each material and discharges into your mixer.  The entire process is followed by a clean water rinse to ensure no material is left behind.  These machines are designed with gravity discharge, eliminating the need for a second set of pumps to move material from the weigh vessel to the mixer, thereby removing one possibility for errors.

Control System

DCS has its’ own state-of-the-art microprocessor control system that is capable of controlling the hardware and ensures accurate batching each and every time.  DCS is also willing to partner with your control system vendor, allowing your internal batching software to control the dispensing of color along with all the rest of your concrete batching and mixing equipment.