The DCS Base Color System offers the ultimate in customization, inventory management and automation options.  The Base Color System includes a synthetic red, yellow and black iron oxide as well as a natural red iron oxide and ochre.  From these five colors, thousands of different colors can be created.

Additional Advantages Include:

  • Can be implemented with either liquid or powder pigment
  • Automated addition available with DCS liquid color dispensing equipment
  • Immediate availability in 50 lb. bags
  • Available in batch sized bags and many sizes of liquid containers
  • Reduces inventory to 5 pigments
  • Always have pigment on hand for samples and to begin production
  • No obsolete inventory

All these colors are available in Dry or Liquid pigment.  When used with DCS' Color Dispensing Equipment, this solution becomes a clean, inventory controlled and fully automated solution for your color needs.