Offering a full line of Iron Oxides for construction and foundry use, DCS has extensive expertise in all of the following areas:

Dry Color for Concrete
Iron Oxide colors of any shade, package and mix design are available from DCS for use in Concrete Block, Precast and Ready Mixed Concrete

Liquid Color for Concrete
Water based liquid dispersions of Iron Oxide specially formulated to be easy to use and inexpensive. DCS offers the end user a wide range of possibilities in its liquid color line.

Mortar Color
Over 100 years experience in serving the masonry industry insure that DCS mortar colors meet or exceed your design requirements time and time again.

Custom Colored Mortar
Blended and packaged according to your specifications, not ours, the DCS line of Custom Colored Mortars allows the discriminating user or architect to have exactly the color and mortar mix design that fits the project under consideration.

Color Hardener for Concrete
Dynamicast Color Hardener is a ready to use, dry shake material for coloring, hardening and finishing new concrete floors, walks, driveways, decks and other imprinted concrete.

Colored Release Agent for Concrete
Dynamicast Colored Release Agent is a ready to use pigmented water repellant powder material that forms a parting membrane and lubricant between freshly placed concrete and imprinting mats. It also creates a multi-colored effect on stamped patterned concrete.

DCS Foundry Iron Oxides
With Iron Oxides specially manufactured and formulated to perform in today's rapidly changing and evolving foundry industry, DCS remains a leader in both the technology and implementation of delivering quality products and services to the foundry industry.