Except as expressly set forth herein, there are no warranties expressed or implied, including no warranty of merchantability, which extend beyond the description of the face hereof.
Seller shall remedy or replace, at its option, free of charge, any color which does not comply with aforesaid color specifications provided that such nonconformity is reported in writing prior to the use of the color. Seller or manufacturer shall not have any further liability or obligation for prospective profits or for general, special, indirect or consequential damages, nor shall recovery of any kind against the seller or manufacturer be greater in amount than the purchase price of the specific material sold and causing alleged damage.
Final determination of the suitability of the color for the use contemplated by buyer, is the sole responsibility of the buyer. The seller or manufacturer shall in no way be responsible for the suitability of the color for any particular end use.
The seller or manufacturer, further, will not guarantee color of the finished work in which DCS color is used.
Colors are not fit for human consumption.